Technology today has taken over with digital printing and vinal, and as an artist, I have always taken pride in the “old school” way of painting and drawing.  I grew up in a small farm town in Wisconsin and I have been drawing, and painting portraits since I was five years old.  My Grandfather, Leslie “Chick” Klais is an established artist and owned his own sign company for 50 years. As my Grandfather saw my talent he took me under his wing and I began to expand my craft. For the most part, he has taught me everything I know.  Before computers we would actually hand letter trucks, windows and signs.  As an adult, I started my own sign business for 20 years.  I realized I just wanted to do the art. Funk It Up Portraits is something different.  A touch of the perfect portrait “funked up” a little bit. -Chad Klais

For custom designs contact Chad Klais at klaisdesigns@gmail.com